​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​


Maintenance and repair of aircraft comprise more than 50% of total ownership costs. The use of monitoring systems in air navigation structure are the ideal alternative to reduce substantially the repair and maintenance cost and improve safety.

Why the Need for it?

Increased safety, More effective maintenance & inspection, Detection of hidden flaws-not detected by visual inspection, Optional avionics and on-line Structural Health Monitoring, FAA new plane design qualification & certification, Aircraft insurance-lower premiums and Customer’s peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits?
On-line (Real time) health monitoring, Detection and monitoring of service loads, Determination of structural fatigue & lifetime, Early indication of engine problems or failure, Early detection of cabin fires and Pilot’s panel indication of mechanical data.

Some Aerospace Applications are:

  • Structural integrity
  • Wing Shape Design Analysis
  • Acoustic Crack Emision
  • Hydrogen Sensing
  • Fire Protection System
  • Monitoring of tail rotor loads, engine calibration, engine balancing and vibration, fuel tank pressure, cryotanks, flight control, position of landing gear, flap and rudders

Advanced CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) materials are being intensively used in the aircraft industry due to their optimal mechanical properties.

Monolithic composite structures are composed by several subcomponents that consolidate in a co-curing/co-bonding process, in which thermal and pressure cycles are applied. Possibility of stringer run-out debonding in CFRP monolithic skin due to shear stresses between stringer and skin

The useful life and residual strength of these structures can be predicted by installing strain and temperature sensors. The installation of these sensors with smart monitoring system can detect and predict deformation and fatigue failures which are caused by cyclic loads on essential's elements such as wings.

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​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​