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Diagnosis of Smart Structures


With the discovery and development of new materials and technologies in recent decades, the field of engineering and construction has become one ambitious, demanding and full of challenges. The rise of these new technologies have allowed to the engineers exceed those limits faced by the engineers of the past, allowing them to build higher buildings, longest bridges and essential structures with a high level of complexity and environmental control. This high level of complexity and demand has increased the requirement for advanced monitoring systems that provide to the owners immediately information, accurate and reliable to help them save costs related to maintenance, environmental safe and information to prevent failure or structural damage.

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  • ​Validate design assumptions.

  • Measures and improve performance of its structures, industrial equipments and resources.

  • Assessing the behavior of the structure and possible time-dependent deterioration.

  • ​Verifying integrity and structural strength.

  • Enhance safety program reducing risk of major accidents for unknown reason providing an early warning identifying looming problems.

  • ​Reduces the  risks of  unstability of excavation works.

  • Reduces maintenance cost and improve maintenance program.

  • Reveal unknown changes.

  • Inform stakeholders.​

  • Enhance Quality Control  and process programs.

  • Satisfy regulation requirements.

  • Optimization of more expensive construction materials.

  • ​Optimization of efficiency.

  • ​Anticipate the effects of the announced climatic change

  • ​Detection of random events such as cavities, breaches, leaks, settlements and Seismic zones.

  • Assess the ageing status and follow-up of contemporary and historic structures.

  • Promotes the development of new materials and techniques constructive.

  • ​​Reduce litigation.