Srain Gages Sensors

 Measurement of strains, deformations and stresses
 Steel girders,cables, gusset plates, reinforced concrete, piles, pre- & postension elements

 Temperature Sensors

 Measurement of absolute  temperature on structure's surface  and relative temperature for  compensation of strain  measurementsConcrete cure,  structural elements and weather station

 Displacement Sensors

 Measurement of displacement  between two gage points and expansion joints 
 Construction joints, crack/fissure  growth and  structural members


 Measurment of accelerations from  DC to low frequencies and modal analisisWall, frames, slabs, towers and cables


& Tiltmeter

 Measurement of angular variation, differential stlements  and slope displacements Walls, columns, footings, embankments and excavations


 Measurement of leakage,  water level, and water pressure

Pipes, excavations, 

embankments and storage tanks

 Pressure & Load Cells

 Measurement of loads and  pressures Foundation, embankment and  structural elements


Improve security and maintenance program in real time of public and private structures including historical monuments. know the behavior and structural conditions of your property during and after ordinary and extreem events.

With the discovery and development of new materials and technologies in recent decades have allowed materialize the imagination and innovation of designers making them attractive works of art but complex in its mechanism and composition. This high level of complexity has increased the requirement for advanced monitoring systems that provide to the owners immediately information, accurate and reliable to help them save costs related to maintenance, environmental safe and information to prevent failure or structural damage.

Below list of sensors with their respective functions and applications in buildings

​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​

​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​

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