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The characteristics and conditions of highway PR-2 in Yauco (road in the Puerto Rican component of the National Highway System) were suitable to implementation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil/Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) technology to replace the original bridges 1121 and 1122.  These reinforced concrete slab bridges were constructed in 1970 and had a three-spans configuration with a total length of 24 meters which were replaced with two single span GRS-IBS of 11 meters. The bridge 1121 was instrumented with optical remote system which consist of 20 pressure cells (10 on each abutment in the GRS mass) to measure the superstructure’s vertical pressure distribution, and 16 geosynthetic fiber-optic sensors (8 on each abutment into the integration zone and GRS mass) to measure stresses and strains. The monitoring system is of particular importance to PRHTA because it enables comparison between design assumptions and theory, and the actual behavior of the GRS–IBS structure.

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Its a Puerto Rican company founded 1986 dedicated to distribution of soil engineering product to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. JM Caribbean is our supplier of GeoDetect sensors (composite geotextile with fiber optics sensors which uses FBG technology), product manufactured by TenCate Company.

JM Caribbean participated in the project of Design and Construction of GRS-IBS at Highway PR-2, Yauco, Puerto Rico (the first GRS-IBS construction on NHI system) which was instrumented and monitored remotely with fiber optic sensors.