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Displacement & Strain Gages


Pressure Sensor

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Measurement of accelerations from  DC to low frequenciesShip's motion, engines, turbines, generators and control panels

 Temperature Sensors

Measurement of absolute  temperature on structure's surface  and relative temperature for  compensation of strain  measurements
Structural elements, engines, turbines, generators

 Displacement Sensors​

Measurement of displacement  between two gage points,
Hull structure, crack and fissure  growth

 Strain Gages Sensors

Measurement of strains, deformations and stressesHull structure, primary  and secundary structural  elements

 Pressure Sensors

Measurement o, water, gas or liquid pressure

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Sinking of an oil tanker "Erika" in Coast France, December 12, 1999


Collapse of MT "Prestige" Coast Spain, November 13, 2002


The longitudinal strength is the most important criteria of the structural design of the ship hulls, which is generally presented by the maximum bending moment that the hull cross-section can withstand. The ship hulls may be exposed to extreme loads in which some occasions the ship could fail when they attempt to escape from storm weather. Another causes of ship's damages or fails are associated to improper loaded and unload of the cargo or ballast, corrosion, fatigue, explosions and collisions.  These causes may compromise the structural resistance of the ships. Damages and failure in ships can be avoid if is provided of structural health monitoring system.

A structural health monitoring system can help the owners to monitor the remote manner the behavior of hull girders during navegation providing real-time information on stress levels due to longitudinal bending moment and acceleration levels due to the ship's motion, loading and unloading, improve the maintenance program ​​and help them to meet national and international requirements of navigation and environmental protection.

List of sensors with their respective functions and applications in ships and vessels.

​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​