​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​

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Slopes & Embankments

Embankment ​failure at Highway PR-10, Utuado, Puerto Rico

​Thistle Utah Landslide, 1983 (U.S. Geological Survey)

Landslide of mogote at Villa España Complex, Bayamón Puerto Rico



The Slopes and Retaining Structures are a common and complex part of highway structures and public/private properties. Both retaining systems are subjected to stresses (gravity, seepage and earthquake forces) acting on the soil mass that tends to cause downward and outward movements. Slopes or retaining structures failures can occur rapidly or slowly in many different types and forms. Regardless of fault type or form, the fact is that these can cause huge economic losses that result in both direct (repair or replacement and maintenance) and indirect (loss of industrial, agricultural and forest productivity, loss human and animal lives, tourist revenues, and interruption of transportation systems) costs that affect the public and private properties, like was the massive landslide at Thistle, Utah at 1983. This landslide dammed  the Spanish Fork River, obliterating U.S. Highway 6 and the main line of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad causing damage and loss of total costs that exceeded $400 million.

Regular inspections and maintenace are essential for the continued stability of slope and retaining structures. However, sometimes recomendations for maintenance not followed after their constructions.

A Structural Health Monitoring System will help the owners to monitor their properties remotely (24/7 of year) during and after construction of them, providing and improving their construction monitoring program, long term monitoring and maintenance program, and safety program providing warning signs.

Below some of the sensors used to monitor the behavior and performance of slopes and retaining structures:

​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​


Geotextile Sensors

 Measurement of strains, deformations and stresses
 RSS, MSE, GRS-IBS, embankments, banks and drainage systems

Temperature Sensors

 Measurement of absolute  temperature on structure's surface  and relative temperature for  compensation of strain  measurementsRetaining structures, fills and embankments


Extensometer Sensors

 Measurement of displacement  between two gage points, horizontal and vertical deformations
 Construction joints, crack/fissure  growth and structural members, embankment consolidation



 Measurment of accelerations from  DC to low frequencies Retaining structures, slopes and embankments


 Measurement of angular variation  and horizontal slope displacements For structures and adjacent  structures during construction,  work excavations and after  completation of construction


 Measurement of drainage, leakage,  water level, ground water pressure and pore  pressure Reservoirs, wells, pipes, excavations, embankments and  banks


Pressure & Load Cells

 Measurement of loads and  pressures Foundation, embankment and  structural elements

​Rotational slide at road PR-182, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico