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Sentinel S-line 1.0- is user friendly software, which serves as a tool for collection, analysis and evaluation of data from all models of FBG Scan S-line interrogators. By using a dynamic unit the users get the ability to change the measurement type from dynamic to static and the GUI automatically adapts itself to the chosen measurement type. It can be useful in cases where there is no need for dynamic features of the unit. Click here to download the Sentinel S-line 1.0 datasheet.


HTMS provides to its customers with the tools that best suit your needs of data acquisition, computation, analysis and evaluation of data and optical sensor network either optical fiber and wireless. Sensing Analysis Software tools are provided by our suppliers and manufacturers of different types of monitoring system which we can highlight: ENLIGHT, Sentinel S-line 1.0 and Wireless Sensor Networks.

ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis Software- is included with Micron Optics' sensing interrogation systems and provides a single suite of tools for data acquisition, computation, and analysis of optical sensor networks. ENLIGHT combines the useful features of traditional sensor software with the specific needs of the optical sensor system, making it easy to optimize optical properties during the design and implementation phase of an optical sensor system. ENLIGHT's intuitive data display and additional graphing and data visualization features make it easy to use.Click here to download the ENLIGHT datasheet. ENLIGHT provides the basic functions of interrogator configuration, wavelength data acquisition, saving and visualization, and adds several advanced features, including: Conversion of optical parameters to engineering units Optimization of sensor detection Definition and management of optical sensors Real-time processing of sensor data (including averaging, referencing and normalization) Comprehensive data storage and display Setting and management of warning and alarm conditions On board module diagnostic collection ENLIGHT Remote Command Interface.