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Geotextile Sensors

 Measurement of soil's strains, deformations and stresses

Soil foundations, embankment and slopes


Strain Gages Sensors

 Measurement of strains, deformations and stressesWind turbine blades, towers and foundations


Temperature Sensors

 Measurement of absolute  temperature on structure's surface  and relative temperature for  compensation of strain  measurements
Structural elements, engines, turbines, generators


Displacement Sensors

Measurement of displacement  between two gage points,  
Construction joints, crack/fissure  growth and structural members



 Measurment of accelerations from  DC to low frequencies Wind turbine blades, towers, engines, turbines, generators and control panels


 Measurement of angular variation  and horizontal slope displacementsTowers, foundations and slopes


Pressure & Load Cells

 Measurement of loads and  pressures

 Foundation, embankment and  structural elements

Blade failures, Illinois

Crack and foundation failure, Nova Scotia 

​Wind turbine collapse due to structural failure tower, Kansas


​Wind turbine on fire, Wisconsin


The wind energy production and their manufacturing have demonstrated to be the fastest growing source of power in the United States in the last years, representing 43 percent of all new electric generation capacity. Despite being a clean energy source it is not without faults and accidents. The wind turbines components are exposed to high levels of stress and strain due to the ravages of wind causing broken blades, towers' collapse, overturning and fires. 

The wind turbine blades are a critical component to the overall performance, reliability and cost of a wind turbine representing a meaningful portion of the wind turbine investment. With a remote monitoring system owners will be able to improve and optimize their security and maintenance programs,  performance and enhance its life.

The installation of sensors will allow them to measure and know the behavior of the components of the wind turbines (stresses, strains and deformations, speeds, temperatures, pressures and inclinations).

Below list of the sensors used to monitor the wind turbine components


​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​

​Putting The Power Of Monitoring And Safety In Your Hands​

Example location of sensors for wind-turbine's remote monitoring